AzzanArts structures was born from Founder Attie Jonker’s love for South African safari camps, the necessity to provide the market with unique construction, and repurposing local materials into playful structures. A typical completed unique structure requires roughly one year to build from design to finished product and will cost between $300-$600 per square foot. AzzanArts structures start at $25,000.


The AzzanArts process begins with a vision and conversation via phone, in person, or a site visit to understand your specific needs, schedule, and budget. We then provide a letter of agreement for concept design development.


A site visit will drive the concept design phase, which for a typical small structure requires 3-9 weeks. Cost can grow depending on your unique requirements. The concept design provides a visual representation of scope, so that the designer and the client are on the same page. Communication is critical. We communicate through imagery, 3-D modeling, site visits, and any other way needed to convey the design. We provide a road map to get this project built!


Please visit Kibo Supply and Design for the individual components you desire!


Please visit  Green Wood Milling for all your sawyer and furniture needs!

The 10 steps to complete an elevated escape, tiny house, or coolest unique structure you have ever seen!

  1. Idea—understand the client’s scope and use.

  2. Options and process—we always say, “This is not your typical treehouse, this is a house in a tree!”

  3. Site assessment and analysis—a broad discussion of what the client is looking for, what’s best for the site, and construction logistics.

  4. Concept design—establish design narrative and direction. If the scope and scale allow, we evaluate how much documentation is needed for construction, permitting, and engineering.

  5. Proper documentation—using the most complete documents to build and bid from, and to provide a more accurate cost.

  6. Possible consultants—for all those unique things, typically for commercial projects.

  7. Contractor—establish a relationship with a contractor who is capable of this unique style of construction. We have our tried and true preferred contractors, if needed.

  8. Budget—contractor, AzzanArts, and consultant input produce a fairly accurate cost of the entire project. There are so many fluctuating factors, such as building in a tree, local municipal nuances, site logistics, etc.

  9. Construction schedule—start to finish.

  10. Coolest structure ever!