Fort Gatewood
– This 12’x6’ Play fort was created for children entertainment. The unique multi level play fort has swings, a look out, junior zip line, dug in trampoline, and climbing rope.

– Our second tree house built for children entertainment. The limited budget presented creative challenges. The 5’ x 16’ circular multilevel platform has features on each level. Features include a lookout tower, a “gazebo”, a round trap door, a fireman pole and a few swings.

– This 12’ diameter spider web net is a kid’s play place hung in a heritage Oak in the front yard of the client’s property. Aircraft cables suspend the web between the limbs of the tree. The net was hand woven. This is a first for Azzanarts and is a fun alternative to a tree house.

Zackry’s Look Out
– This was my first kid’s Tree house in the States. The budget was limited for an 8’x12’ platform and 4’x4’ lookout; however we managed to be creative with minimal details. The site is nestled in a green belt with a lot of natural deadfall lying about. The site presented the inspiration to the design. We also used sticks out of the area for handrails. I scored some palm leaves from a landscaper and created a lookout tower.