Ivy – The 12’Circular multi level tree house has a total height of 26 feet tall. The circular shape dressed with western red cedar shingles makes this structure very unique. Features include super spiral slide, zip line, swings, and a cargo net climbing wall.

River Garden – This 8’x8’ unit with 3 foot patio was built for a family of 4 children of boys and girls. Based at the bottom of a steep hill the deck height is set at 10 feet off the ground with a higher second floor loft. The loft has a mini patio as a look out. Other features include a fireman pole, bucket pulley, swing, reclaimed juniper siding, and a rope ladder. Also the 200ft downhill Zip-line has specific mounting hardware for site.

Rodemar – Free standing 7’x7’unit with 3 foot walkway built around small oak tree. This has a lot of accessories including swings, zip-line, trap door, loft, fireman pole, bucket pulley, climbing wall, Cargo net, tire- swing, ladders, bridge and look out perch.

Warner Project
– This unique 10’x10’ tree house style is reminiscent of aged structures. The tree house consists of entry walkway, circular platform, and half circle open tree house plan. The features are reclaimed siding, 2 bridges, tin roof, and spiral stairs.

– This 7’x7’ tree house was modeled to mirror elements of the client’s home. We started with a half rounded deck around the large oak. The main tree house was finished with old barn wood siding we then caped the roof of with a matching cupola on the roof. A half loft provides some camp out space with a bucket pulley system. We also created a second tower to mount accessories on it like a climbing wall, cargo net wall, a 16ft slide, zip line, climbing rope, and a swing bar that is connected between the tree house and the tower that also holds three swings.
little bend zipline-treehouse-150x150 copy
Little Bend Zipline -This 10′ Diameter Tree house has a cupola loft space overlooking the valley below and sits within a dense patch of Bamboo.  A Zip line cuts through the bamboo and lands onto a sloped landing for a smooth entry. This tree house features a zip line, fireman’s pole, trap door, awesome site, and loft cupola.

“I love our tree house, I think its a work of art. All tree houses by these guys are works of art.”-By Little Bend Zipline client-