Dr Top House
– This 10’x10’ Custom Tree house with a patio on two sides sits within a grove of scrub oaks. The suspension bridge connects the tree house to a 10’x10’ platform. This tree house features a slide, zip line, tire swing, trap door, and bucket pulley.

– This 10’x10’ tree house with patio was built for my Nephews ages 8, 6, and 3 as a Christmas gift. This tree house is suspended with chains from the fork of an old live oak. The whole family pitched in with materials. We gathered materials form habitat for humanity as well as reclaimed features from old houses. Other features include a trap door, small planter boxes with succulents, cargo net hand rails, and old shutters for windows.

The Saloon
– This is an 8’x8’ multilevel old Cowboy style saloon tree house. The site is located on a ranch and the tree house is nestled 16ft up in an old live oak tree. One of the highest units supported solely by a tree. Features include reclaimed paned windows and lap siding.