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$200.00 per hour + travel & accommodations if applicable.

Concept Designs:

$85.00 per hour

Concept design package includes a 3D concept booklet that will be shared via PDF file format unless client requests prints.  The design will include all basic dimensions and descriptions for visualization purposes.  This is not intended for construction plans.  The average cost of a concept design starts at $850.00 and up depending on the scope of the project.  A real time 3D tour is also available during a consultation.  Since every project is different please contact us for a more accurate cost estimate for individual projects.

Construction Plans:

$85.00 per hour

Includes above plus descriptions and highlights detailing the plan in full for construction implementation.  In addition, detailed measurements will be included, as well as examples and images obtained from research. The cost per hour remains at $85.00 per hour.  Preliminary Construction Documents start at $3,500.00 depending on the scale and complexity of the project.  Please contact for a more accurate cost estimate for individual projects.


Cost is based on materials needed to complete the project and not always a set price based on our predesignated budget. Prices change all the time; therefore it is difficult to calculate exact costs for materials. The client must understand that a creative process takes flexibility to produce such unique details and craftsmanship.


-Typical construction costs only applies to accessible sites within Texas!

-Projects outside of our accessible area may incur other expenses!

-We can ship Tree house components anywhere!

-We can refer contractors or consult with contractors of clients choosing!

$200.00 per hour for crew

A typical crew consists of a master craftsman, one helper and our design team per week.  This includes either on site construction and warehouse fabrication.  Labor charges are billed bi- weekly.  Please contact for a more accurate cost estimate for individual project and options.